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Thursday, June 21, 2012

We Need Help

Funerals are incredibly expensive, and even going as "cheap" as we can it's hard to come up with the funds. I have spent the morning calling many organizations and foundations that have been suggested to me. If you know of anything else, please post in the comments.

Here's what we have so far and who I've already contacted:

Children's Hospital of MN: Will contribute $1000
County Social Services: Can contribute up to $2100 - must be paid back

Children's Burial Assistance: No - they are state specific
The Tears Foundation: No - infants only and state specific
Kids Wish Network: No - only for children who are wish recipients through them.
Make A Wish of MN: No - they don't contribute to funerals
Cancer Society: No
Funeral Consumers Alliance: No, but they will help finance or figure out how to reduce costs.
There is no life insurance and there are no employer benefits.
Hearts and Hands of MN - waiting for a return call.


gps said...

All For One - One For All Foundation:

Naomi said...

There's a couple on here that may be relevant

Jennifer said...

Contact the funeral home you plan to use to have them help you reduce costs. Contact the Miss Foundation for other resources:

catusa said...

Can you post an address where we can send a donation for the costs?