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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Personality Disorders

Narcissism (from Wikipedia) 

Traits and signs

Thomas suggests that narcissists typically display most, sometimes all, of the following traits:[5]

Have you ever known anyone who fits this description? Have you ever had to work with anyone who demonstrates Narcissistic traits? 

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Kate said...

Yes, I have. She was kind of a nobody, but People loved her since she was great at schmoozing those who put her on a pedestal & admired her as much as she admired herself. The minute anyone disagreed with her, though, she became quite unpleasant. It was actually quite disturbing to watch, & once a person stopped "drinking the koolaid" and saw her for what she was, they typically distanced themselves from her. She didn't care about those who left, of course, because there were always more people who didn't realize that the pot of gold promised at the end of some rainbows is a mirage, and therefore she had a steady supply of unsuspecting, trusting people available to feed her narcissistic needs.

In my experience & opinion, people with NPD are wholly unpleasant to be around.