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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Special Olympics 2012: Misc

Here are miscellaneous pictures from the Special Olympics track meet last weekend. Some of my favorites out of the several hundred I took!

Lunch with the team.

One of her relay teammates. The girl in blue used to swim with Angela. 

Love this picture: Dean with his ducks.

 Handsome Axel.

My favorite man in the world. 

They have an Olympic Village, where there are all kinds of things for the athletes to do. One of the biggest hits is always Karaoke. Angela had a song in mind but they didn't have the music for her. She didn't really seem to care. For those going to the NDSC conference in DC, she'll be performing there. LOL

Asher defying gravity. He is ALL BOY, always climbing whatever he can. His feet are 2 ft off the ground here. LOL


dottie said...

I love how Angela takes care of her younger brother. She is quite a sweet young lady. Really like that last picture of brother and sister. Liked the picture of Asher climbing the fence. Quite a little monkey.

Difference2This1 said...

Loved all the photos of all the kids at the event!! Thank you for sharing them :) We are looking forward to when Nathan and Peter can participate in the big games!!