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Monday, June 25, 2012

Special Olympics 2012: Angela

Although this past weekend was quite difficult as we said goodbye to Destany, it was also a weekend of smiles as we focused much of our attention on the Special Olympics Minnesota Summer Games. Since we have two kids competing now I took several hundred pictures!  I will spare your eyes and only post some of my favorites, and divide them up into two (or three?) separate posts.

Getting ready to run the 100 meter. (she's looking for her mom. ;-) 

Runners on your mark!

And she takes the silver! 

She's awesome and she knows it!

4x100 relay  handoff

This was at the end of a long, hot day and Angela was totally wiped out. She only had to run 100 meters but that did her in. 

Crossing the finish line. She ALWAYS cheers for herself at the end, but not this time. Instead she sat down. BAD SIGN for the kid with anhidrosis!!! She did it though! 

Her relay team took 5th place. 

Sunday, nice and cool, perfect for a track meet! We've always said Angela is her own best cheerleader. You'll see why in some of these pics. This was on her way out to complete her standing long jump.

If you know Angela, you can almost her her "Woooo!!!" in this picture! As in "Wooo! It's my turn!"



See mom? I DID IT! 

WOO HOO! I got a ribbon!

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Becca said...

Congratulations, Angela!! She must absolutely love that she now has a brother to do Special Olympics with (2, soon, I'm sure!). :-)