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Saturday, April 23, 2011

You want me to do what? Where?

Thursday was an interesting day. Axel and I spent it running around. I started the morning bright and
early at 7:30 with Angela's transition meeting. As in, transition to high school. I'm not sure when she got old enough for high school, but she is. Wow. This is very scary to me. Fortunately Dean was able to hang out at home with Axel for just a bit so Axel didn't have to come along to the meeting. Angela was pretty funny during the meeting, but it lasted longer than she did so I told her she could go to her class. I think she was thankful to get out of there and back to her friends!

Next up was Axel's clinic appointment. He needed to get some blood work done so that Shriners can order blood products for his surgery. Blood products. For surgery. For our son.

Have I mentioned before that there are about 5 variations of Axel's birth name, "Djordje" floating around? This has caused countless problems! It all goes back to translation issues between Cyrillic, Latin and English. I cannot wait to get his re-adoption done and be rid of the problem. Then his name will be Axel Djordje Spring, but we can just use "D" when needing to put down his full name for something!

Back to the pre-op blood work. Axel did not shed a single tear when he got poked! Three months ago it took three people to hold him, and this time I had my hand on his arm but wasn't really holding it.  I was so very proud of him!

Then the nurse said they need a urine sample.

Oh, this should be fun times! Axel is already scared to death of public bathrooms, and now I need to get him to pee in a cup? LOVELY! Oh, and clean "him" off too. Yeah, not gonna go over very well. Axel's eyes were about as big as saucers when I came at him with the little wipe thingy. I asked the nurse if we could use the hat in the toilet instead, knowing Axel will always pee sitting down. Yeah, only Axel wasn't really happy THAT was in the toilet, thank you very much! He told me, "I'm done" about 10 times, and wasn't very pleased with the fact I kept saying, "No you're not. You have to pee." So then he threatened to cry. UGh! This is a new behavior since starting school. He gives a couple huffy breaths, with the fakest whine ever behind it. "Sorry buddy, not buying it." That was quickly followed by real tears. (His, not mine.) Oh good not worth it...I finally told the nurse I'd get a sample at home and bring it back the next morning. I grabbed a cup and a handful of those wipe thingies, and off we went.

So we get home and I gave Axel a bottle of flavored water with a straw, knowing he can suck down the whole bottle in a matter of seconds. I waited about 1/2 hour then had him try the bathroom again, only we don't have one of those hat thingies so he was going to need to go standing up so I could catch the pee. Visualize Axel, wide eyed, as he stood at the toilet with me standing within reach with the cup. Yeah....still  not peeing for me.

I waited another hour and we tried again. Still nothing. Only big giant eyes that said, "You are crazy lady! Whatever it this strange thing is you're doing, I want no part of it!" I went online and tried to find google images of someone peeing in a cup. Note to self...some things should not be googled!

I gave him another bottle of water, then needed to run an errand with Angela. I left the supplies out so Dean could take care of this task if Axel decided he needed to go while I was gone. I think Dean's eyes were as bit as Axels! Seriously? Why is this the mom job?

Half our later we're home and it's time to try again. By now it's 6:30 p.m. and not only has Axel not peed since 9:00 a.m. but he's had two bottles of water! SURELY he will need to go. I went through the motions again of cleaning him, and setting up the supplies. I knelt down by the toilet and Axel had the look on his face that said he really needed to go. AND HE DID! Like a fire hose out of control! He starts giving me directions, which involves signing, which means letting to of important parts. Yeah, there was pee going everywhere, with me trying to catch it "mid stream" like the directions said. I might have screamed a little bit, "Axel! Ack!" which caused him to start crying, which caused increased pressure to the unmanned fire hose!!!! Which freaked him...and me...out even MORE!

In the end I got the urine sample, Axel got relief, and I got to clean the bathroom. Pre-op labs? Check!


My Girls R Angels said...

Bless his heart! and your's too, Leah! Good luck with the rest of it. Keeping you all in our prayers.

Karien Prinlsoo said...

Oh, this is hilarious!!!! Glad you got your sample!

racheal_stewart said...

Oh my goodness, what an experience. Glad Axel and you both got through it. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

Difference2This1 said...

Oh, no. Seriously. Am I going to have to do that??? I thought I had it bad enough when "little Miss I-get-a-UTI-every-4-months" and I have to meet in the potty. This HAS to be a Daddy job!