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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Got a Phone Call yesterday

This post is a diversion for myself from the fact I'm supposed to be getting ready to leave the country.

So anyway, yesterday I got a phone call. This also happened four years ago, only it was a letter in our mailbox. The first time it happened, I opened our mailbox to find an envelope with a familiar logo. I figured it was for a fundraiser. I opened it to read, "Your child Angela has been referred to our organization...."

I was in shock, and didn't understand why the referral. No, that's not true. I did understand it, but it was a slap in the face, bringing to life the reality that was before us. I just wasn't prepared for the meaning behind it. The meaning is still with us. Pictures are deceiving you know.

This time, the phone call was about Axel, and this time I was prepared.

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Debby said...

Don't just leave us hanging!!!!!!!