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Friday, April 15, 2011


Several parents I know are in the market for an ID device for their children who are not able to convey information themselves should they be separated from their caregivers.

Enter the Talkatoo!
From the website:
Welcome, oh fab little button recorder. Designed for kids (yet hip for parents), it comes as a necklace or as a clip-on charm for backpacks, lunchboxes, purses or even belt loops. Just press the little button to record a message, then the big one to hear it back (repeat as desired). Fun to wear, fun to share. From silly to sentimental, it's perfect for whenever you're apart.

So yeah, you could record a fun little message for your child, OR you could record your child's name, parent's names and phone number just in case he/should should get lost! You can change the message so you could have your child's ID info if you're going to be out and about, then change it back to something fun later. It also has a lock-out button so your child can't mess with it and change the message. (somehow I have the feeling my kids will figure this out. LOL)

The company also has a great program for kids who have military parents stationed overseas. LOVE THIS!

I'm going to order us some Talkatoos and see how the kids like them. I think they're adorable!

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doozee said...

very cool. seems like another one of those devices, invented with disability in mind but helps EVERYONE.