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Monday, April 04, 2011

God is absolutely amazing.

So you all know that the number 300 has been pretty significant around here the last few months.

Last week I entered the Silva family's giveaway they were doing to get their little guy Noah home. I had just gotten my non-adoption related portion of my tax refund back, and my entry to the give away was my tithe from that money. As I was getting ready to hit "submit" on the chipin, I hesitated. What if I needed to buy toothbrushes? That money would buy all the toothbrushes, plus some extra, for my upcoming trip. But God reminded me that he's always made sure what I needed was where it needed to be...right on time. HIS time.

Yeah Duh! I hit submit.

On Saturday I found out I'd won the camera! I was elated! (more on that later, since it's a whole post in itself.) Just hoped I wouldn't need to buy toothbrushes. I know God...I, faith, and all that jazz.

Sunday morning I got a comment on my blog from an old high school classmate. (Lets keep that clear, I'm the old one, she's not!) She was sending one order of 48 toothbrushes. Later that night I got another email, saying 288 toothbrushes were on their way! Today the company called me (by phone. Where did they get my number?) to verify the shipping address and to tell me when I could expect them to arrive.

Another friend of mine, hearing that all the toothbrushes had been donated, gave money for us to purchase school supplies for the kids who are being provided scholarships. God did MORE than 300. Of course he did.

God is so good, isn't he? I have A LOT of trouble stepping out in obedience. In fact, I'm struggling with an issue at this very moment. Because I'm feeling selfish and maybe a little bit entitled. And yet, God just showed me what to do.