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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Girl

This blog has been seriously lacking on pictures and stories about Angela. Part of that is because, as she makes sure to remind me on a daily basis, she's going to be in high school next year, and this is a public blog. I know there are people from her school here and so I've decided to scale the Angela information back a bit. You know...privacy and stuff. She's turning 15 in a few weeks. Can you believe it? (she reminds me of this every day too. LOL)

But she was looking particularly cute this morning, and as she headed to the bus I asked if I could get a couple pictures of her. She wasn't happy. You know, she had a bus to catch in 15 minutes and God forbid I interrupt her walk down the driveway. Still, she blessed me with her smiles and jokes, and the many faces of Angela. Love this girl!

(click on the pictures to open them individually, because blogger is making them blurry.)


heatherbrown said...

What a beautiful girl! I know you are so proud. :)

Ellen Stumbo said...

Two things.
1) I love her personality showing through the pictures! What a fun and beautiful 15 year old!
2) Oh my goodness! Does she look like YOU!

Laurie said...

Love, love, love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie L. Parker said...

LOVE the pics! She looks like so much fun to hang out with!