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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter. Today HE is Risen! Today we celebrated many things.

We celebrated Axel's first Easter with our family on Saturday. What would Easter be without coloring eggs? And putting stickers on them. LOL

It wouldn't be easter without stopping to get some pictures of this styl'in dude who's been hanging out at our house!

He even blessed us with his presence as we headed to celebrate Christ's rising with Dean's family.

This is little Earl. He is a hoot! I couldn't resist getting a picture of all his new teeth.

Beautiful Hazel. She's Earl's big sister and I'm pretty sure he already weighs more than she does. She came up to me in her quiet Hazel voice and asked me if I'd take her picture. 

Jameson. He's one busy little guy who keeps us all in stitches. 

Bridget, who loves to spend time with all the little cousins. They adore her! 

Hazel and Jameson had a screaming contest. It lasted f.o.r.e.v.e.r. and I'm pretty sure my ears lost a few hair cells. Good thing we were outside!

This is our newest addition Keagan, little sister to Jameson. She looks much older than her 2 1/2 months!

Axel loving on Dean's brother Dan.

No, there are no pictures of Angela at Easter. She spent the weekend with her dad, and she was very much missed at our family gathering. 

Today was spent at church, then getting a lot of yard work done! It was our first nice day in A.G.E.S. and it felt good to be outside. Axel spent the first half of the afternoon helping Dean and Tyler clean up all the big limbs that fell during a windstorm early in December. Then while they were splitting logs  and I was raking, Axel kicked a ball around the yard. He also climbed up the ladder on the playset for the first time! He was NOT happy about this at first, and he screamed and cried the entire way. Axel is NOT comfortable with heights. In fact, a 4 inch curb makes him pretty nervous. But today he conquered the climber anyway. He even slid down the slide (with me holding his hand, of course, since I'm pretty worried about his neck.) He got to burn off a lot of steam today, and at bedtime he was sleeping peacefully in just a few minutes.

We are so thankful to the new beginnings the Lord has given us this year. 


travcat said...

I love Axel's new hair-do!! He is so cool!

blcmec1 said...

Really enjoyed the pictures - especially Axel and how handsome and HAPPY he is!! I hope Angela had a good Easter with her dad. Do you guys exchange holiday pictures when one has Angela?? I am with Axel on the height issues, but I force myself to climb and hike because concurring your fears is so rewarding(just don't ask me to get near the edge, please)!! - Maureen C

blcmec1 said...

Ok - I know I spelled conquering wrong - oops! LOL - Maureen

Ellen Stumbo said...

Just saw the pictures! I LOVE that boy! He is so handsome and is it my imgination, or has he learned to pose thanks to his big sister? Nahhh...:)