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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting Closer!

Ok, so I leave on my trip in 8 days. Do you know what that means? It means I'm no longer sleeping. Nope, too many things to do! Here's my "have I forgotten anything?" list:

 Laundry: I must get every stitch of laundry done before I leave. When I come home I will have only four days before we all leave for Philly for Axel's surgery. I'm pretty sure I will spend those four days sleeping or something. I really don't want them filled with laundry. And yet, I will need to do my laundry. Where the is the laundry fairy when you need her? Actually, I've heard one may show up here. Just in case she does, well our laundry room is a death trap so I need to do some major cleaning in there before I leave!

Meds: Must remember to put Angela's meds in the dispenser, and get some of them refilled. Others will come due while I'm gone. This is a problem. And our insurance doesn't allow for automatic refills, so someone has to call for them. That would be Dean. This is another problem.

Alterations: Bring a couple pairs of new slacks to the tailor. I have gained 10 lbs since I bought them 2 weeks ago. Lovely.

Blood: Axel needs blood work done so blood products can be ordered for surgery. This freaked me out when I heard about it yesterday. The whole "he needs blood products" thing. Getting it done tomorrow. Oh, and really nice that we have at least 5 different spellings of his name floating around. It was a translation issue. This is a problem. A major problem when getting blood products is concerned.

Pre Op Exam: Two days after I come home is Axel's pre-op exam. It's on the calendar, so I *shouldn't* forget about it. There is jetlag to consider. LOL

Paperwork: I have a bunch of county paperwork for Axel that needs to be turned in before I leave, but in order to do so I have to gather other paperwork. Procrastination has not been my friend. Who gave me that gene, anyway?

Dogs: Three dogs need to be groomed. I don't have time to do this, nor will I when I get home. They MUST be done, or they will be matted messes with our muddy wet weather.

Dogs 2: Check in with dog sitter for Philly trip and make sure she's still coming! That would be a big problem!

Packing: I have to pack. I went shopping twice. On Monday I laid all my stuff out on the bed so I could take inventory. HA! Everything I bought was BLACK except or a couple of things! NICE! Oh, and I have no shorts. I need to go get shorts.

Unpacking: I need to unpack 350 toothbrushes out of what they came in and into what I'm taking to Serbia. Much less bulky and a lot less weight in my checked bag. I think I just found a job for Angela and Axel.

Unpacking: When I get home I will need to unpack me, do my laundry, then repack ALL of us for Philly. Thinking of this makes my blood pressure rise. I think it goes back to the laundry thing.

Bills: Oh yeah, I should pay the bills before I leave. Dean gets crabby when the cable gets shut off. So does Angela. Axel couldn't care less.

Transition: Tomorrow is Angela's transition to high school meeting. I will try to pay attention.

Axel's meeting: Sometime in the four days I'm home in May we have to squeeze in a meeting for Axel to get a plan for his home-bound services. Didn't I just say I'm going to sleep for four days? GAH!

Lipo: I need to squeeze in time to have liposuction done before I go. Ok...that probably won't happen.

In September I go back to school full time. That is so much easier.

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Becky said...

Good gravy woman, you have left no time to drink! LOL just kidding, but I'm sure everything will work out, and all the stressin' will be for nothing. Let me know if you need anything. I'm not far away. :)