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Monday, November 09, 2009

Still no news

We still don't have an appointment date at Boston Children's. I was really hoping to hear something on Friday, but it has come and gone, hasn't it?

Apparently the doctors there bring each case before a committee (which means a couple times per week) At that time the review the case, come up with a treatment plan, and prioritize the patients based on the current medical status. I do know the letter written by the specialist here in MN said that Angela needed to be seen on an emergency basis.

At least tomorrow (which is really "today" according to my clock) will find my very busy and without time to sit and wait for a phone call! Angela has an orthodontist appointment, then I'll drop her off and school. From there I have school for me (and take a huge anatomy test!), and teaching canine obedience later in the evening.

Speaking of anatomy...I've been studying for this test, and finally gave up about an hour ago. I guess if I don't know it at this point, I just plain don't know it! I also have to re-take one section from the previous test, and to be honest, I don't have A CLUE what was on it. LOL I sure hope my guessing skills are right on!

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