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Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting into gear...again!

Last spring I started working out at the Y between 3-5 days per week, and I loved it. In May I even joined a mom's soccer group. It kicked my butt, but I still loved it!

When summer came, with Angela home it was more difficult to get to my favorite classes at the Y. Then in August I had major surgery (100% elective) that took me out of the circuit for awhile. I started back in September, but Angela's school schedule combined with MY school schedule hasn't been conducive to me getting back to working out.

The beginning of November we increased Angela's day by 30 minutes, and it's gone well. Today we're increasing by another 30 minutes. It doesn't seem like much, I know (she's still 90 minutes away from a full day.) but it's *just* enough time for me to get to my Y classes!

I have learned that sometimes it's hard to get myself out the door, but with the friendships I'd made at classes came a little bit of accountability. If I missed a class, people wanted to know where I was! Unfortunately I've been gone long enough that they've stopped asking. :-( And, I've gotten lazy! But, for the next few weeks, I have a little push! Because of the bussing schedule, the transportation department needed to pick Angela up too early for her, or too late to make much of a difference in her day, so I agreed to drive her. That means I'll be dropping her off at school 20 minutes before my Y classes start, which is PERFECT! That gets me up and moving, and less likely to bail on my workout. LOL

So here I go! Today is the first day of my future, right?

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