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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

So, about that video

Of course, I had ONE person who couldn't follow the directions (Hi Monica!) so you've probably gone back and watched the video again already. If you haven't, how many of you saw the gorilla? Here's the link again.


Matthew said...

duh, 14

Molly said...

i did! but only after it made a pass right near one of the white shirted people I was watching. I could have totally missed it. It's my ADD hyperfocus. I have a good ability to block out the background.

Hevel said...

I did, so it distracted me enough to miss a couple of passes.

Amanda said...

We did this a few weeks ago in my Intro to Teaching class. I completely missed the gorilla, lol.

Monica said...

Sorry, I guess my following directions skills need some work!! Even if my visual skills are pretty good. :)