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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Prayers for Dane

Meet Dane

Little Dane is in an orphanage in Serbia. Dane has a family waiting for him, working diligently to get all their paperwork done to bring him home. Unfortunately, the officials from his orphanage have decided, since he is developmentally delayed, to remove him from the adoption registry. That means he would no longer be available for adoption, and once his 5th birthday rolls around (some countries it's their 4th birthday) he'll be transferred to an institution. You know, those images of children tied in cribs that I've posted several times? Yeah, those same institutions will be Dane's fate! Dane's waiting parents have written a letter to the officials there, pleading for them to let them bring Dane home. That Dane can have a QUALITY LIFE here. That with the love of a family he will thrive!

Please pray that the officials handling Dane's case can see that EVERY child deserves a family. That EVERY child has value. That some people REALLY DO WANT to parent a child like Dane!!!


Stacy said...

Oh No, he's a cutie pie that always had my heart. Will pray for him and the family trying to rescue him. Thanks for the heads up. I've been so busy I can't keep up with all the Reeces Rainbow stuff right now, so I appreciate the prayer request.

Tamara said...

It is so difficult to understand how one human can treat another like this. Senseless. Especially when someone wants him. Prayers - for him and those whose hards are so hardened.