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Thursday, November 12, 2009

High Def. is NOT your friend!

If you grew up here in the Twin Cities, and you're over...mmm...30 years old, then you might have grown up watching Cyndy Brucato on Channel 5.

I have always loved Cyndy, and when she came back on the air a couple years ago, I was glad to see her. Except that I was seeing more of her than I really wanted to see. I'm sure some of you have noticed that HD isn't very forgiving! (I tried unsuccessfully to find a picture. I'll try to get a screen shot.)

I haven't watched the news for awhile (I get most of my news online) and tonight flipped on Ch 5, to find that C.B. has a new look. I like her new hair.

But the rest of her? Oh Cyndy, I'm so sorry. I know you must see the clips and wonder "What happened?" That darn HD camera has you looking too tired, too artificially lifted, and made up. I'd love to meet you off camera, because I know you're a beautiful person, and that darn camera has you looking hideous. I also know it's tough to compete in the newscaster field against those 30 somethings. Like Leah McClean. (Dean has a secret crush on Leah, and was a little disappointed when my brother didn't introduce him to her at the State Fair. LOL)

I love you Cyndy, but High Def does not.


Sheila said...

Have you seen Robin Robinson? shudder

annofthejungle said...

Cyndy has always bugged me. Listen to her next time and you'll hear her take a big breath between sentences. (Now that I've pointed it out it will bug you, too!) We always called her Cyndy Brutaco. And you're right, HD does nothing for her!!!