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Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Bermuda Triangle

I'm sure most of you have heard of the Bermuda Triangle. An area in the North Atlantic Ocean where boats and planes have mysteriously disappeared. There used to be documentaries about it, but I haven't seen one in many years. (I can still hear Leaonard Nemoy's voice, can you? LOL) Many people, being very superstitious (or smart?) refuse to fly or navigate through that area.

We live in the woods, and this time of year the mice like to try moving into our house! Every year we go through a couple of months of setting traps to catch the vermin. WHO KNOWS where they come in! There are probably lots of places in this 1970's rambler. Usually once there is snow on the ground we don't have a problem anymore.


Attention mice: Our basement is the Bermuda Triangle of the mouse world! I know that mice and rats are studied for their intelligence, but I can tell you from experience the ones that have moved into our house come from different genetic stock. They didn't get the smart genes. They completely ignore the Bermuda Triangle.

Attention mice: Did you know you will DIE in this house? You have seen your friends be beheaded and electrocuted in the fancy traps Dean has set out, yet you will walk right over your dead buddy's body, right into the next trap we have set right next to it! Thank goodness you're stupid, because it makes our job much less difficult. Squirrels are way smarter than you! (well, except for the one the dogs got last week.)


Lund7 said...

Very funny!! Sounds like Dean and my husband are the same! Rich loves setting traps and putting out poison this time of year to get the mouse problem under control. Although our home is newer, we live by two ponds so the mice love this area! They also like the nice warm sanctuary our house offers! I am scared to death of mice however...they freak me out!!!

Sheila said...

Can I borrow your dogs? The squirrels here are mutants. They chew through metal, the roof, halloween lights and are now working on the girls; little tykes slide. I'm serious.