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Friday, November 06, 2009

Intelligent reporting?

Good grief! Fox 9 news here in the Twin Cities, you're not so very intelligent, are you? Tonight you reported about the two MN soldiers wounded and killed in the Ft. Hood shooting. Lets smart is it to stand in front of one soldiers house and report "The house is vacant tonight, her husband gone to Ft. Hood to be with is wife." Then proceed to explain the house happens to have yellow ribbons in front of it.

Announcement to hoodlums and thieves: The only white house with black shutters in Otsego, that happens to have yellow ribbons on the trees, and is traceable to a certain name, is sitting vacant!!! You know, just in case you're looking for a house to break into!

How about you THINK before you report?


Michelle said...

During my uncle's funeral this summer, 2 guys walked into his house - but the neighbor was suspicious & went over to check, and they took off.

They put his name & info - including his address - in the paper, and then the funeral info. So, it's basically a "This house will be empty for a couple hours" ad.

Hevel said...

I think if they get burglarized, Fox is in for a major lawsuit.