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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Movie Review: The Blind Side

Yep, I got to see it TWO DAYS before you! HA!

Yesterday Tyler called to tell me he'd won two tickets from a local radio station to an early screening. Dean is out of town, and I didn't have any luck finding someone to take care of Angela, so I told Tyler we'd come get him (he had no other way to get there) and he could take his sister to the movie and I'd hang out at the mall while they were being entertained. (how sad for me, time at the mall without a child...booo hoooo!)

The station recommended he arrive by 6:30 for the movie to start at 7:30, as seating is first come/first serve. (you know, everyone gets a seat, but WHERE you sit is the question!) I had to drive 30 miles to Anoka to pick him up, then back down to Edina for the movie. Traffic is ALWAYS horrible so I allowed plenty of time. So much that we arrived at the mall at 5:30, and there were already a few people lined up! Oh well, we were going to go get something to eat first. When we came back at 6:30 the line was HUGE! Like, a couple hundred people huge.

Since there was an hour to wait, I decided to hang around, as I didn't think Tyler would be able to manage Angela in line if she got carried away. Mind you, she's usually in bed for the night between 7:30-8:00! So, I was going to stick around until they got into the movie and then I'd go shopping sit by myself in the mall, bored out of my mind for 2 hours.

Pretty soon there were another couple hundred people in line behind us, and then the theater managers showed up to shift the line around, causing some people to get a little anxious that the might loose their spot in line. I turned to to the group of young women behind us, and said, "Well, you're really one more person further ahead in line, because I'm not seeing the movie."

They looked at me, "Why aren't you seeing it?"

"Well, my son won two tickets, so he's going to take his sister. I'm just keeping them company in line until the movie starts."

The woman standing right next to me said, "I have an extra ticket. One of my friends wasn't able to come." and she handed me her pass!

Ok, out of the 400 or so people in line, we just happen to be standing next to the one who has an extra pass to the movie EVERYONE wants to see????


Onto the movie review.....

This is the best movie of the year. There is not one thing wrong with this movie. Not one thing. You will laugh, you will cheer, you will be shocked, and for SURE you will cry.

And THAT, my friends, is all I'm going to say about it.

Oh, what about the acting, you ask? It is SUPERB. Every single person in this movie better be getting some kind of award!

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Lund7 said...

You are so lucky!!!! My girls and I want to see it too...does it open in a few days?

Did you get my email this morning? I am having some problems with people not getting them so let me know if you didn't!