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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

soft and striped

Note: for those who don't know, Angela is OBSESSED with stripes. Weather it be on shirts, or pants, or jackets, stripes are best. Did you know the best stripes are on boys rugby shirts? Who knew!? LOL One night about a year ago we were eating at Old Chicago. A server (not ours) walked past our table a couple of times, and happened to be wearing a striped shirt. Angela eyed him every time he walked past. Finally he was at the table next to us, when Angela reached out and touched his sleeve like she was admiring a fine rose. "Oooo...Nice stripes!" and got a smile of satisfaction on her face. And at our house, our most comfortable clothes are referred to as "soft clothes". You know, your favorite comfy pajamas, or maybe sweats? Whatever it is, it's elastic waisted and cozy comfy. Anyway, here's the conversation she and I had last night.

Me: Angela, in 2 more weeks we leave for Boston!
Angela: Boston? YAY! We're going to Boston. Children's Hospital, right?
Me: Right, we're going to the Children's hospital.
Angela: You drop me off, ok?
Me: Well I can't just "drop you off", but if you want I'll stay at the hotel at night and you can sleep at the hospital.
Angela: YAY! You drop me off! (seriously? What kid wants to be "dropped off" at the hospital?

long pause......

Angela: I need new stripes.
Me: Why do you need new stripes? You just got a new shirt last week. No more stripes for awhile.
Angela: I need new stripes...for the hospital. Soft stripes.
Me: So you want new soft stripes to for at the hospital?
Angela: Yep! Lots of stripes. (I'm not sure if she meant she needs lots of pairs, or one pair with lots of stripes! LOL)

So Angela and I will go shopping in the next week or so, for "just right" soft stripes. I hope girls striped pj's aren't hard to find! I think we may end up in the boy section yet again. Oh well, that's where all her favorites have come from anyway. LOL I'm thinking button-up, since she'll have leads on some of the time, and button up will make for easier access to those. So, button up, striped soft pajamas.......the search is on!


Anonymous said...

I saw some soft stripes at Target the other day. In the women's section by the PJ's. I also have seen them at Victoria's Secret but I'm guessing you don't want to pay $40 for a pair of PJ pants (I know I don't. :))

Also, you should check out etsy. I bet if you find someone who makes PJ pants you could get them to custom make a pair for Angela...might make a fun Christmas present. I'd offer to make her a couple pairs with fabric she picked out but I've never done pants so I'm not sure how well they'd turn out...however, if she ever wanted to be my guinea pig, maybe we could work something out.

Sheila said...

Kohls is nice and Hanes her way has some striped pj shirts.

If she had done that in front of Randy he would have added her to his "no clubbing for that young lady" list. His daughters are currently on it.

Sheila said...

oops meant to add, they are on his list for wheedling more cherries for their drinks and more than one piece of flare off the local waiters here.

Sheila said...

oops meant to add, they are on his list for wheedling more cherries for their drinks and more than one piece of flare off the local waiters here.