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Friday, November 23, 2012

The Visits

This is a continuation of my story about meeting Asher.


Twice a day, two hours each visit, every day until he is legally mine. That is how the visits will go.

This is the exhausting part of the in-country process. Many refer to it as the "Groundhog Day" effect. Every day is like the one before it and the next will be the same as well until they begin to run together and you start to forget what day it is.

The visits themselves are monotonous. Trying to think of activities that will encourage bonding yet pass the time quickly, all while trapped in a small room. Luckily the Zvescanska orphanage has a playground with lots of toys!

It is late November in Belgrade. I've been lucky enough to hit mild weather. Although it's pretty damp and drizzly much of the time I try to get us outside every day.

On this first day I bring yogurt. I can see that Lazar is hungry and thin, and food is a great way to encourage bonding. Unfortunately I was met with some resistance from staff.

Rather than my re-writing history, I invite you to read my adoption blog posts from November and December of last year. Please do take the time to read. "Finding" Asher was really difficult but so incredibly rewarding! Those first flashes of eye contact, the first smile he blessed me with, all of it so very much worth the wait!

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