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Monday, November 05, 2012

Dispelling Myths: Blog Troll????

I have heard recently that my name has been associated with a blog troll that is going around posting nasty comments on the blogs of adoptive families.

Ummm no.

Anyone who knows me in real life also knows that if I have something to say, if I'm not willing to put my name behind it I won't say it.

Here is some information for you. My blogger ID shows up as "Leah S." when I comment on a blog. If you have site meter or another system that allows you to track IP addresses, mine is usually shows out of St. Paul, or Burnsville MN. (we're on the edge of both so I don't know why but it doesn't consistently show up from the same city.)

That said, I would never, ever leave nasty comments on the blog of an adoptive family. Ever. EVER! While I may not agree with the attachment to one organization, and I don't usually offer financial support to adoptions through that organization, (I do give financially through other adoption organizations though, like Project Hopeful)  the fact remains that kids are getting into families. That is the bottom line. Every day I sing praises to HIM for for the families, and I'm thankful families are stepping out and following in obedience to HIS call to get these kids out. I would never, ever, criticize families for taking that step.

So if you're one of the people who have spread this nasty rumor, I wish you would have spoken to me first. I'm a pretty open person. There is more than one "Leah" in the world, and I'm not the one you're witch hunting for!


Hope Anne said...

I have gotten comments from a "Leah" on my blog that is NOT you, and they weren't nasty or hateful at all. It's safe to assume there are many Leahs in the blog world.

Leah said...

@HopeAnne: I think that was me! Also a Leah, also not a troll. I checked, and the name 'Leah' is the 45th most popular in the United States. So suffice it to say: lots and lots and lots of Leahs on the internet.