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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Harland: Day 1

Our elf's name is Harland. He showed up in the wee hours this morning and wasted no time helping himself.

I told the kids that no, they could not have cookies for breakfast like Harland. At least  he used a napkin!

And THEN, the kids left for school and I headed to the shower. Yeah, I learned this elf CANNOT be left alone! I just knew it. I KNEW we would get a naughty elf! (pretty sure  he's licking the bottom of that Malibu cap. The lush!)


Jackie said...

Uh Um, I think you're enjoying this way more then the kids!

Imogen said...


Please update this every day?! I'm going to be all eager now, logging in to see what he's been up to LOL

Fantastic photos by the way!