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Thursday, November 22, 2012


"Leah, dear, it's Thanksgiving day! Why are you just now posting Halloween pics?"

I don't know! I got distracted, and busy, and...and...and I'm having trouble feeling very motivated to blog lately. Do you hear the crickets? It seems my readers are dropping like flies.

Anyway, on to Halloween.

This was Asher's very first Halloween, so I was determined to do all the Halloween things, even if there wasn't time for it all. I decorated the front step, but don't worry! Axel didn't stay out there the entire month.

On the big day, even though there was very little time, I made sure we carved pumpkins.

Axel remembered this activity from last year and was anxious to show Asher how to do it!

Angela is not really a fan of pumpkin carving, but she also isn't about to be left out of whatever fun thing the boys get to do. LOL

Asher thought this was pretty cool! 

Axel did an excellent job of cleaning out his pumpkin.

Asher pulled the guts out one string at a time. 

Dean got to do the actual carving, while Zurri kept a close eye on the pumpkins.

Oh, you can stir this stuff? YAY!

Asher really wanted to move over and see what Dad was doing but he wan't sure how to get there. Notice Zurri is headed to lick off a kid's face.

Hurry honey! The sun is going down and we need to get the kids' costumes on yet! 

Doesn't he have the cutest belly now?

Pumpkins are done! YAY! 

I have to tell you about these costumes. Axel and I were at Goodwill dropping off donations one day when I decided to take him into the store to see if there were any interesting toys for the boys. They had just put their costumes out and Axel picked the skeleton costume. 

Later that day Angela saw the costume and declared "I be a sketton too!" I reminded her that she's too afraid to even walk down the Halloween isle at the party store. Was she SURE she wanted to be a skeleton? Oh absolutely! 

Asher did fantastic with T-or-Ting! Axel would ring the bell, then when the people would come to the door he'd say trick or treat. About the 4th or 5th house Asher figured out the routine and was VERY excited people were putting SOMETHING in his bag! At that house Axel rang the bell, and as soon as the person came to the door Asher let out a glass-shattering screech! It was all he could do to contain himself. Then he did it again at the next house, and the next. This was his way of saying, "Trick or treat!"

Angela volunteered to stay back at the house and hand out candy, but we didn't have one single trick-or-treater. :-( Until we came home and the boys were excited to knock on the door. 

Halloween was fun. I didn't realize how much I missed it from when the big boys were little kids. We've always done Halloween with Angela but some years we haven't bothered with pumpkins, or decorating, or anything else really. This year was fun!

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