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Monday, November 12, 2012

But I'm NOT stressed!

I hear it all the time, particularly from medical or educational professionals, "You have a lot of stress in your life."

Ummm no. No I don't.

I have three kids here at home, and all of them have Down syndrome, but I wouldn't consider my life stressful. Yes, there are days when I'm running kids here, there and everywhere in between, but that doesn't mean "stress". To me, "busy" does not equate "stress".

Maybe I just handle stress differently than some people? Maybe things roll of my back easier? Maybe I learned to handle stress at a really young age?

There have been stressful times in my life. When one of my boys was a toddler, I still remember the stress caused by his extreme mood swings, hours of head banging on the wood floors and not being able to take him anywhere. When Angela was ages 9-13, that was also a very stressful time when we were struggling to manage her severe behavior. I remember days when I was in tears a lot of the time.

But right now, life is ok. It is quiet and peaceful. There are no major issues we're facing. Having three kids with Down syndrome doesn't mean my life has to be stressful. I guess where are kids are concerned we've just figured out what's important and what's not?

How about you? What causes you stress and how do you cope with it?

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