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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Orphan Sunday: See them

When you don't see the faces, when you can't hear them ask "Mama? Papa?" ,  when you don't feel the hands grabbing you, begging to be held, when you don't see the blank stares of those who have given up and have stopped asking or seeking, when you see none of this it is easy to pretend it doesn't exist. It is easy to let it be someone else's problem. It is easy to say, "Their family will do it so we don't have to." It is easy to decide you're at a place in life where you're comfortable. Some days you might say, "I can see the light  at the end of the tunnel!"

Since when does God have us take the "easy" path?

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Most of the children in that video are now home with their families. Families who knew they couldn't turn away. Some of the children have not been so lucky. Some have given up living and are nothing but the shells of the children they should be, their spirits broken. Some have died waiting. For every child you saw there are hundreds more. They are here in the U.S. They are locked away in rooms or wandering streets around the world.

You cannot come here and say that you don't know. You cannot pretend these children don't exist. You cannot let the responsibility fall to your neighbor. Your neighbor may have already turned his back.

Is there room at your table? Do you have room for one more bed? What will YOU do? What is YOUR part?

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Addison Cooper said...

Thank you for being a voice. I'm not sure what my story will end up being once I've lived it out. May God use your blog and your words to touch hearts.