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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Maxim Impact

If you're not able to adopt a child yourself, here's one way you can help. My friend Stephanie Nance is doing a fundraiser to get Maxim home! They are so very close, and yet they are several  thousand dollars short.

Lots of people say, "If you can't afford to adopt how will you afford to raise the child once they're home?" Let me ask you this: How of often do YOU have to come up with a $20,000+ piece of change for your children? Not very often unless they're going off to college or something. It is one thing to be able to afford the day to day living expenses and medical care for a child, but covering the up front  costs of international adoption is very difficult.

There are many of us who've adopted kids with Down syndrome and other special needs who understand how crucial it is to get these kids into families; kids who would otherwise be rotting until their deaths. I've completed two international adoptions. I have friends who have completed that or several more. We all "get" that it doesn't just happen. We didn't just decide one day to adopt then run to our overflowing bank accounts and withdraw the necessary funds. I personally don't know many people who have $20-$30,000 laying around just waiting to be spent!

That is why there are fundraisers like this one, where you can help someone like the Nance family get a child home who has been sitting and waiting far too long! 

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