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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who Will Benefit?

A few months ago you saw me post about Project Hopeful and their quest to win a $50,000 prize from Cultivate Wines. What a blessing for this organization to have won!

A few days ago I mentioned Cultivate Wines again and their latest contest for a $50,000 grant. My focus this time is on the The Morning Center.

From their website:

A pregnant woman who chooses life for her child needs a caring community of support. Far too often the Christians who urged her not to abort can offer nothing more for maternity care than a government aid form. 
It is time for Christians to provide loving, personalized maternity care in Jesus’ Name, to anyone who needs it—free of charge. 
The Morning Center hospital and mobile care unit project is the next step in the pro-life movement. Together, we can bring a new day in maternity care and lavish the love of Jesus Christ on women and unborn children who desperately need it.
If The Morning Center wins the vote, that $50,000 will not benefit one mother. It will not benefit 10 mothers. Instead, it will benefit HUNDREDS of mothers per year, for several years to come! And what about the hundreds of children who will not be aborted thanks to the loving care provided by The Morning Center staff? So many lives, so many people, so few days left to vote.

Please visit The Morning Center website and read about their services, and how many people will benefit their winning the $50,000 grant. Then, GO HERE and vote every day. Don't forget to share with your friends and family! 

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lazonya said...

We are voting and campaigning too. :-) I had nearly the same thoughts you did. I believe the other contender for first prize is also a worthy organization, but like you said, the Morning Center has the potential to reach hundreds of mothers and babies instead of just 10.