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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cooking With Kids

Some of you saw the title of this post and though "Huh? She's cooking?"

I know, right? It's true! The kids and I cooked - kinda - over the weekend. We made fruit pies.

Sorry these pictures are a little blurry. There must have been something on my lens.

Everyone has pie crust. Asher is really confused and probably wondering that I'm going to have him do THIS time?

We cut out all the crusts and Angela is putting hers into the press.

Asher adding the apple filling he picked out.

Painting the edges with egg.

Axel waiting patiently while Angela added the blueberry filling to her pies. (this was probably one of the few moments he wasn't trying to tell her what to do.)

The kids really enjoyed this activity, especially the eating of finished pies. Oh, and Asher liked licking the stuff off his fingers. While this was a very simple activity, there is a lot of therapy mixed in. There's a lot of parents of young kids here who are new to this world of parenting kids with special needs and might have a hard time picking out the "therapy" parts. There are a lot! Post in the comments all the things you can find. 


abby said... a teacher, I'm seeing this...

Trying new foods
Sensory/texture exploration
Fine motor skills
Following step by step instructions
Hand-eye coordination
Decision making
Sharing/taking turns
Perception/estimation (how much filling will fit in here?)

Leah S. said...

Yes! And the video shows moms inability to give clear directions. LOL

The Sumulong 3 said...

I especially liked all the opportunities for them to handle the equipment--the press and the brushes. This is such a good idea, I need to do this with Owen. I'm sure he'll think it's painting, so I'll have to watch him with the egg wash since he'll probably try to put it in his mouth. Great job, Mom!

Christine said...

What a neat little pie making tool!