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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Caretaker

Axel is the most caring, compassionate young man I've ever known. If I bump into something and happen to say "ow!" Axel is very quick to ask. "Ok mom?"

If Asher falls down, Axel is the first one there to help him up. If Angela needs help tying her shoes or zip her jacket, Axel is quick to offer a hand. (he is especially proud of his ability to tie!)

Both Axel and Angela like to help Asher with after-meal clean up. Angela is all business and gets it done quickly, but Axel? He takes his time, is especially gentle, and doesn't miss a spot of chocolate. ;-)

Axel has also taken it upon himself to teach Asher how to sign the alphabet. 

Axel is a great role  model for Asher. When there is a new activity I want Asher to do which I know he won't particularly like, I can count on Axel to give me a hand. (I absolutely LOVE the grin Axel gives Asher, and watching Asher's TOES! He is always grabbing things - like his own feet - with his toes. LOL)


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I think I've said it before, but Axel really is an impressive awesome child! And he has the best smile too! I just love those photos of him helping Asher; his love for his little brother just shines through. You are lucky to have him!