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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This is Why

This is why I continue to speak out for Serbia. You have seen the posts about the Pleven facility in Bulgaria and the horrid places in Ukraine. Heres a link to a blogpost written by Beck who is currently visiting an institution in Serbia. Although there are starving residents in this facility, there is love. Most of residents in other Serbian facilities are not so lucky.

 The first time I went was because I didn't feel I could advocate effectively without experiencing for myself. Beck, a reader here, is in Serbia right now, experiencing for herself what I have been talking about for a couple of years now. Please, go have a read.

And thank you, Beck, for respecting the privacy of the most vulnerable of Serbia's people. 


Jennifer said...

Leah, I love that you want to advocate for Serbia and it's clear you are passionate about it. But please, please do not speak about Pleven and "love". Having been there, and being on my way back There is some light in that place, but children are dying in that place, even today. There are paid-for Babas that are good and many that are not; who hold their children as one would hold an animal and sit and chat with other babas while their children languish in a stroller. I don't want to make this a contest because I think both Serbia and places like Pleven are awful places. One may not be worse than the other. But just so you know - there is very little love in Pleven. My son is one of the blessed lucky few to have a baba who appears to care for him. But she doesn't do that job for free.

Leah S. said...

You know, reading back my wording is confusing. The post I linked to talks about the love from the caregivers in the facility the writer visited. Thanks for pointing it out! I'll correct my wording and make it more clear.