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Monday, October 29, 2012

The End of Another Season

Living in Minnesota brings with it traditions like going "up north", which technically means going anywhere in northern Minnesota, but in reality can mean anywhere outside of the metro area.  I think everyone I knew going up had cabins or lake property "up north". Every weekend there is a mass exodus out of the cities to the major highways that head north.
Leech Lake, MN
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Almost 20 years ago my parents sold the house I grew up in, moving to property on Leech Lake, Minnesota. Lake homes come with responsibilities centered around the lake and boats, one of which includes the annual "Put the dock in" weekend which happens late April or early May (whenever the ice goes out)  and "Take the dock out" weekend which happens in late October before the lake freezes.

Last weekend Dean and I took our first weekend alone, without kids, in two years! This may not seem like a big deal to many, but for Dean and I who were used to having every-other-weekend to ourselves this time alone together has really been missed! We headed Up North for the 2012 Take Out the Dock weekend at my parent's place. 

Bob volunteered to dig around in the frigid water to find the chain while my brother holds his legs and Dad supervises. (usually someone is IN the water in wader boots!) 

 Pulling the furthest posts out of the water

 Dean removing dock sections.

 Disconnecting one side of the dock from the main section.

 The big dock frame is pulled in by a winch. 

 Raising the legs on the boat lift. 

 The bigger dock and boat lift are in, now just need to get the last section out of the water. 

 Another season on the water has come to an end.

While the boys were taking the dock out, my sister and I got all the lawn and deck furniture put away into storage. We look forward to spring when we'll be back to take it all out again!

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