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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Educating about Down Syndrome

One comment frequently made by parents of kids who have Down syndrome is they can't find a doctor who know's anything about it. I find this to be a very strange phenomenon considering Down syndrome is the most common occurring chromosomal disorder.

The fact so many doctors know nothing about the condition is very scary. Think about it: A doctor such as an OB/GYN is delivering a baby and knows enough to diagnose it, but this person who knows nothing about it is advising parents about their options. To the average Joe, or Dr. Joe, Down syndrome is a scary thing. They remember back to when they themselves were in elementary school when the classrooms with "those kids" were tucked away; a mystery to all the other students. There aren't many good memories associated with it, and so they perpetuate the fear by giving new parents inaccurate and often very scary advice.

Sadly, when doctors go through medical school they get little, if any, information about Down syndrome, something they are sure to run into at some point in time. Dr. Julia Kinder has set out to change all of that! She has started an online petition asking that third year medical school students receive, at minimum, two hours of education and training related to Down syndrome.  I think this is especially important for those planning to become pediatricians, OB/GYN's and Neonatologist; the very people brand new parents depend on for advice!

If you would like to see (and hopefully sign!) the petition, please visit , or you can view it by clicking right here


Jackie said...

Love this Leah. Signed right away. I mentioned my experience with Asa's 1st pedi when I asked him about AAI neck scan at 2yr wellness check-up and he told me it wasn't like Asa was going to play football. That was our last visit to that doc! The sad part is that he is a very reputable physician in our community and his father started the epilepsy clinic at our local teaching hospital, though I'm glad we no longer see him I'm saddened that he may have another new parent of a child with Down syndrome and I hope they are better informed. He is in his 50's and I don't think he will ever change his bedside manner! I'm going to share this link on my blog. Thank you!

Leah S. said...

LOL 50- something is the new 40-something! Dean , and he's still able to change his ways. ;-)

DandG said...

Thanks! I'm sharing this!

I can't believe they don't even get 2 hours!!!!