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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Angela Week

So I'm gong to declare this week of 31 for 21 as the week to post about Angela. Today will be 21 things about Angela.

1. Angela never stops talking
2. If you're in a sport and need someone to cheer in the stands, have Angela come to the game. She'll get everyone around her cheering too!
3. Angela is an adrenaline junkie and LIVES for things like roller coasters.
4. Angela will tell you her favorite sport is floor hockey.
5. The next day she will tell you her favorite sport is soccer.
6. Angela has 5 boyfriends. (I've only met 2 of them)
7. She LOVES to wear stripes!
8. She prefers baggy t-shirts which happen to hide her tiny frame.
9. Angela is a sophomore in high school.
10. Her hands are the same size as little Asher's, and her feet are only 2 sizes bigger than his.
11. She can cook pancakes by herself.
12. She has suddenly decided to volunteer to do things around here, like empty the dishwasher, or pick up after dinner.
13. Angela LOVES to sing and sings all.the.time.
14. She has a severe hearing loss which means she is also tone deaf.
15. When she introduces us (her parents) she barely mentions me with "this is my mom" but fawns all over Dean with "And this is my big guy Dean."
16. Angela is loving having two little brothers!
17. She is playing soccer this fall for the first time. So far she's liking it!
18. She also loves wearing hats and has a small collection of them. She is in need of some more "girl" type hats.
19. It is hard to buy hats for her because her head is tiny like the rest of her body! She wears toddler size hats.
20. Angela just started back to swimming after being out of the water for a couple of years. She's loving being back!
21. Angela is an amazing kid! She is full of spunk ands spirit, laughter and fun. 

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Anna said...

She sounds like a delightful young lady!