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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Freight Trains

Yesterday was Day 1 in the floor finishing process. They guys came and patched the floors where there used to be cabinets, then did filling, sanding and the first coat of polyurethane.

While the poly was being laid Dean was home with Asher and Angela while Axel and I were doing our Tuesday afternoon/evening running. (ST/OT/misc errands.) When we came home the house was overwhelmed by poly fumes. We had planned to close off the main floor and just stay in the basement with the windows cracked until Friday when we can be on the floors again. However, 1/2  hour in the house and I knew we needed a quick change of plans! I got on Expedia and booked a hotel room up the street, threw together a bag for the kids and off we went. Dean came along to help us lug all our crap into the hotel then he went back home to stay with the dogs. Asher was very confused and stressed. No smiles our laughter and "frozen" wherever we put him. He was really freaked out by all of this.

Last night was the first time I've ever slept in a hotel room with all three kids. Each and every one of them snores like a freight train! It was well after 2:00 this morning before I finally fell sound asleep. We need a family sleep study done, so my next mission is to find a sleep clinic who will do that. LOL

I was woken by the alarm at 5:30 along with a horrible smell. Asher, who was sleeping in my bed, had a blow out. I really just wanted to walk out of the hotel room and not come back! But then who would gt breakfast for the kids???? So I cleaned up Asher as best I could and was just about ready to wake up the other two when at 6:00 I got a text from Dean saying that school was two hours late due to the storm that came through last night. Oh, I was so glad to hear this! It gave me all kinds of extra time to get everyone situated AND back home to catch Axel's bus.

Once Axel was on his way, Asher and I took Angela to the doctor for some fasting blood work that needed to be done, then off to school she went. All excited because tonight is her last floor hockey game. Or is it? Asher and I were just getting back to the hotel room for lunch and a nap when Dean called to say the game had been canceled. :-(

I'm hoping I can take the big kids swimming in the hotel pool tonight. I wish Asher could go too but he can't with his stitches. Just two more days and we can start putting our house back together!

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