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Monday, February 27, 2012


Some random pictures from the last several weeks.

Just some of my kids at a late Christmas celebration at my sisters. (this was the last weekend of January) 
Angela, Noah, Axel and Asher. (We're missing Rob, Tyler, Bryon and Aaron) 

Daddy got a pellet gun in the guy's gift exchange. This is the only time Asher will be holding it!

Angela and cousin Harper playing Twister. 

Axel waiting to to visit with his surgeon at Shriner's in Philadelphia. 

Asher REALLY wishing someone would let him play with that shop vac!

A father son moment I couldn't miss!

 Couldn't miss a mother/son shot either!

Angela's team getting awards after their first Basketball tournament. They play 1/2 court.

 My friend Joanie came over to pick up a dishwasher. We haven't had a chance to visit in ages! This is her most recent addition, Trumann. Angela was in love with him!

Dudley, guarding the ball so none of the other dogs can get it. The white dog next to him is Zurri, who is staring at him hoping he'll walk away from the ball. 

Daddy and Asher walking around the hospital waiting to get discharge papers. 

 Another father/son moment, this time in the hospital. They were both sound asleep.


abby said...

Okay...1) When did Axel start looking like a preteen boy?!?
2) I LOVE his hair in the pic of Axel and's very 90s skater-boy.
3) how is it the the smallest person in the bed always hogs the entire thing?

Linnea said...

Wow. Axel looks so grown up. When did that happen? Your kids are gorgeous. What a blessed life!

Be blessed

Becca said...

Love, love, love pics of your kids. You've got such a fabulous family!