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Monday, March 05, 2012

Happy Boy

Last week was a bit crazy around here! First there was Asher's surgery on the 24th. Over that weekend all the sheetrock, mud, taping and sanding was getting done. Needless to say, it was a messy around here. Is there really anything worse than sheetrock dust?

Why yes, yes there is! It's the dust and fumes that happen when you refinish wood floors! On Tuesday Greg the floor guy came. He and his crew were very fast and efficient, quickly patching the floors in the kitchen then sanding down the entire main level. The first coat of polyurethane was put down on Tuesday and we were all going to camp downstairs Apparently I'd forgotten just how sensitive I am to fumes! That and we didn't really know how the kids were feeling so I made a quick executive decision, packing up the kids and heading to a nearby hotel for three days while Dean stayed at the house with the dogs

Living out of a hotel while still meeting the kids' buses at home is a slightly complicated task! Fortunately the hotel had a pool which made it all worth it in the eyes of the kids.

While the hotel and everything was fun, it all proved to be a bit too stressful for little Asher. He'd only been home a little more than a month before we started dismantling the house. Then there was his surgery, and going to a hotel. The first night in the hotel Asher completely shut down, "frozen" in the middle of the room hiding behind his hand. The next morning when we came back to the house to meet busses he was SO happy and excited to see Daddy! He couldn't believe when we went back to the hotel the next night. Clearly we were crazy people in his eyes.

Finally Friday morning we packed up and came back to the house for good. The floors look absolutely beautiful! After keeping the kids out of the main level for a week, Asher was thrilled to be able to play in his room again while I started tackling all that dust. 

I spent Friday washing walls to get them ready for paint, and general clean up. Dean spent this past weekend painting, and there is still a fair amount to do.  All that's left now is to finish the painting, then next week the cabinets go in! YAY!

Here's what it all looks like on Friday:

If you look near the ceiling on this picture you can see the green we're using. Most of the main level will be this color. 

And here's the kitchen today. One more coat of paint at the cabinets can go in!


Lund7 said...

Wow! The floors look beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished project! What a difference to have that wall open now!

Kate said...

Omigosh, your floors are GORGEOUS!!! Definitely worth the work involved and yes, there's such an open feeling now without the wall. Thanks for sharing your remodeling pictures!

Christine said...

Wow! Love the floors and the open space. We have currently been talking about ripping carpet out and putting wood floors in our home. I really like it.

Nikki said...

Looks great!

Nikki - blog design to support special needs orphans in India!

Mama said...

Oh my...I want your floors!! The renovation is beautiful!!!

Cindy said...

That's a beautiful floor! We just put in bamboo flooring, and my 26 year old son (who grew up on wall to wall carpet and apparently feels he was deprived of a childhood recreational activity) is getting a kick out of sliding down the hallway in his socks!

I like the green paint, too :)