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Monday, February 20, 2012

I have a secret

I've had a secret for a week or so, and I've been DYING to spill it because I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!!!! Today I was finally given permission.

Another Serbian prince will be coming home!!!!

And no, he's not coming here.

Today a friend of mine and her husband committed to another 7 year old boy who was just recently added to Serbia's list of children available for International Adoption. They already have a 7 year old they also adopted from Serbia at the same time I adopted Axel. In fact, I met them in Serbia. (Funny how we have to fly to the other side of the world to meet other adoptive families. LOL)

Their paperwork is all complete, they're just waiting for their immigration approval. Hopefully they'll be able to travel the end of March. Like us, they have not yet seen a picture of their little guy, and they likely won't have any idea what he looks like until they meet him in person. And you know what? Like us, they really don't care. Theirs is the second truly "blind" adoption into the US from Serbia. (our adoption of Asher was the first.)

As soon as they post something on their blog, I'll post a link, but it might be awhile. I'm just so very excited to know another little boy is getting a Mama, Papa, and a brother. A family, a home, and LOVE!!!!!


Hevel Cohen said...

All I can say is congratulations to them! This is the way adoption should be in so so many places.

Christine said...

How exciting! I hope he gets home soon!