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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Please Pray for Serbia

If you don't follow the news from Europe, you don't know that Eastern Europe and the Balkan region are seeing the coldest temperatures they've seen in recent memory. Not only that, but they've had more snow than ever recorded before. Parts of Serbia have gotten as much as 15 feet of snow! Roads are closed, and the Serbian government is begging people to conserve electricity. The Serbian ministry is on it's second week closed in an attempt to conserve energy. The power in Serbia comes mostly from coal, and the supply ships cannot make the trip up the frozen rivers. The power company says it can only continue at present levels for one more week.

Now, think about the institutions and orphanages in that region. They're cold to begin with, now add temperatures sometimes exceeding -30* fahrenheit. When it's this cold, and it's hard to get food and supplies around due to the snow, these children are suffering more than they usually do.

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