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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I really am here!

Life has been crazy busy lately. So much so, that I haven't had much ambition for blogging. Believe it or not, I hardly know what to say. Well, that's not really true either because I have several posts started, I  just don't know where to go with them.

Last week was only slightly busy, but Thursday things turned crazy somehow. First, on Thursday Asher had a private PT assessment. It was interesting to see the things he knows how to do, things he knows what to do but isn't yet able, and other things that he's just not ready to do or understand yet. He'll be doing PT twice a week. This week he has an OT assessment, and I'm assuming that will be twice a week as well. He has surgery on Friday next week and once he's feeling a little better we'll start feeding therapy, probably a couple times a week. My life will be all therapy, only at different times as Axel's sessions, which means some days I'll spend most of my day at the therapy center. YAY!

Friday I had a meeting with the local school district to start Asher's school-based assessments. I wanted to do all language based assessments soon using a Serbian translator so we could get a true idea of where he's at with receptive language since I really had no idea. The assessments started today. (more on that later.)

Saturday Angela had her first ever Special Olympics basketball tournament. She's playing 1/2 court, and all of the girls on her team have played before. Since this is Angela's first year, she really doesn't understand the game much. She and I will work on this a bit so she knows she IS allowed to knock the ball out of people's hands, but...only the OTHER team. LOL

You may remember my post about Dad a couple weeks ago. His blood pressures didn't come down and my mom had to leave town for a week, so on Friday my sister went to spend the weekend up north keeping Dad company. On Saturday Dad really wasn't feeling well so he took his blood pressure and it was 215/110. Umm.. WAY HIGH! My sister brought him into the ER where he was given some IV drugs and his oral meds were changed. Since she had to come home to work, Asher and I went up on Sunday evening so she could come home. By Monday when he went to his regular doctor his pressure had come way down, his appetite was back and he was doing just fine, so Asher and I came home last night.

Asher was very quiet up at my mom and dad's place. I'm sure he wondered where I was taking him now, and wondering why we left Daddy behind! He really didn't make a sound while we were there, other than laughing at their little yorkie when the were playing. When we came home last night, although we got in late (it's a 4 hour drive) he was THRILLED to see his daddy and laughed and squealed with delight for an hour! Oh, how happy he was I brought him back!!!

Between the events of the last few days, and the fact our house is an absolute disaster with construction mess and just plain disorganization, it all makes me want to just sleep the day away. I swear I have to go to three different rooms just to make a bowl of cereal for a kid. Dinner is a joke (like it wasn't before. HA!) and I really feel like I'm loosing my mind when I have to get something done. I cannot WAIT for this project to be done so we can get back to normal.

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Hevel Cohen said...

I'm so glad your dad is doing better!

How is Asher's hand?