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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This is why

Mini serbian reunion in D.C.! Axel, Asher and Sofija,
all adopted from Serbia.

I received an email today that took me off guard. "Why did you stop advocating for orphans? You adopted two kids and yet you won't advocate for rest of the kids."

Ummmm hmmmmm


I advocate for orphans ALL.THE.TIME!!!!! Where have you been? Google "Serbian Adoption" and my blog is the second hit only behind the Department of State's website.

Ukraine orphans have plenty of people advocating for them. Russian orphans have plenty of people advocating for them.

Who is advocating for Serbian orphans on an almost daily basis?????

Who is helping Serbian family fund raise for their travel?

Why did everyone stop advocating for these kids and families just because Reece's Rainbow stopped listing them on their website? You want to know some truly forgotten kids? The orphans of Serbia who nobody speaks for.

Oh I get it. It's because pictures of the Serbian kids can't be put up. What? You can only have a heart for a child who's face you can see in a picture?

I have chosen to advocate for Serbian orphans for a couple reasons:

1) My boys are both from Serbia.

2) The Serbian ministry has worked diligently for nearly two years to make sure theirs is a "clean" system. That there is no corruption. There are no bribes being paid. There are no outlandish prices being charged for expedited passports (I  have heard as much as $1500 USD in Ukraine! Serbia? $30!!!!!)

3) You work directly with the Serbian ministry. This allows you to ask questions not only about the process but about the child you intend to adopt.

4) You KNOW the child you've chosen is legally available for adoption. There are no surprises when you get there, something that seems to happen a lot in Ukraine.

5) You know before you go if the child has siblings.

The list goes on. Serbian orphans need families too. I set up a separate blog to outline the process and profile families who are currently in process. Out of 60-some kids, take a look at just a handful of Serbian kids who have found families in the last couple of years.

If you have a child from Serbia and you'd like to share your story on the Serbian adoption blog, please leave me a comment with a link and I'll post it.


Mama said...

I'm ready to go back again....I must be NUTS! The faces of the little ones who loved on us haunts my dreams.

And patiently waiting... said...

I would also go back in a heart beat!!! The process is SO me! We went through the corrupt facilitator for two adoptions and then dealing directly with the government for our last one! =3 kids

Working with the government was so great!!! They really are there for you! Read up on it...the blog links, it's worth it and the kids are worth it!!!