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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

9 Months Home

Most people do a "6 months home" post, but...well...we all know I'm a slacker, right?

Today Asher had a 6-month post-adoption visit with the International Adoption Clinic at the University of Minnesota. Asher and Axel were the first kids with DS to go through that clinic so they've really appreciated being able to follow them. Also, both boys will be appearing in Dr. Eckerlie's upcoming book that deals with issues related to orphan care post adoption.

So, on to the visit!

Asher has grown 2 1/2 inches (thats .28 inches per month) and10 lbs since his adoption 9 months ago. He is now the same size Axel was when he was adopted just 20 months ago at age 10! I really do not remember Axel being this small! In fact today Asher is wearing a pair of pants Axel wore to the hospital when he had his surgery a year ago in May. Don't get too excited though. Asher is still incredibly small. He doesn't look like a 2 year old anymore though. Now he might almost look 3 1/2 - 4!

Back in January when he was first seen, Asher's iodine was very low, which can cause problems with thyroid function. The fix for that is iodized salt, fish, etc. Today Asher's TSH came back really high, which is indicative of hypothryroid, something that is a common problem among people in the Down syndrome community.

His other blood level that came back today was Vitamin D. Back in January his Vit. D level was at 15. Normal is between 30-100. Asher's level of 15 is almost nonexistent. Well, today after months of treatment and playing outside in the sunshine, his level is DOWN to 13.

We're now being referred to pediatric endocrinology to address both issues.

Dr. Eckerlie was very pleased with the changes she sees in Asher so far. His gait is much improved as are his oral motor skills. She was also excited to see Axel with us, since she hasn't seen him since he came home in December 2010. Axel has grown more than a foot since then and gained 20 lbs. He doesn't even look like the same kid.

So, who out there in the blogosphere has experience with chronic vitamin D deficiency?


roselovesorange said...

I have super low d level and am on 5000 IU daily-if it does not work, it's IV next. I have no colon to absorb most things so not surprised. I will think of you next time it is addressed!

Lorraine, AKA Forever Blessed said...

Cooper and Conner both had Vit D levels of only 3 when they got home March 2012. Both boys were told take 8,000IUD of Vit D daily. Conner's Vit D shot up (too high) within a month, but Cooper's is still low, after 5 months home and spending time outside everyday.

Both boys also have hypothyroidism, but Cooper takes more Synthroid than Conner.

We work with a pedi encocrinologist, but don't have answers yet as to what's causing Cooper's issues that seem to not be responding as well as they should be to the meds/treatment.

Anna said...

I would like to comment even though I don't have experience with vitamin D etc. our daughter has grown so much too! She has an appt on Tesday so I will get the exact comparison. My husband works in juvenile detention nd went to a seminar that spoke of growth hormone changes that occur when children are established in loving caring, stable environments. It's a proven fact. I thought it was only due to dietary changes. (even tho our child was well cared for physically and hd good nutrition we have still seen a huge growth spurt) I will be fascinated to read this book. Keep us posted when it's published.