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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

IS vs. HAS

I have three kids in the house. They are not Down syndrome.

One is a 16 year old girl Angela. When I describe who she IS, I describe a young lady who IS full of spunk. She IS the life of the party. She IS an adrenaline junkie. She HAS brown hair. She HAS brown eyes, and she HAS Down syndrome. She IS NOT Down syndrome. She HAS it just like she HAS glasses on her face.

Another is Axel who turned 12 yesterday. He IS compassionate. He IS caring. He IS a genuine "old soul". He HAS big feet. He HAS brushfield spots hiding in his brown eyes, and he HAS Down syndrome.

The last is Asher. At 7 1/2 years old he HAS the world in front of him. He meets it head on every day. He IS learning to talk. He IS learning how to eat food. He IS learning that his dad and I love him no matter what. He HAS a home now. He HAS family. He HAS down syndrome, and it is the least of his worries.

My kids aren't Downs kids. They are kids, and they have Down syndrome. 


AngelaLexi79 said...

If this was facebook...I would like it....

Becca said...

Well said. :-) Funny, though, I don't hear that "is" comment with respect to Ds, but I suspect it may be generational. I hear a lot of people saying people have said that to them.