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Saturday, August 04, 2012

NDSC: Arrival Day

So we FINALLY made it to Washington D.C. It was a great trip there and the kids were fantastic. We navigated the streets of D.C. and made it to our hotel, the Marriot Wardman Park.

It was a beautiful hotel. Some of my friends were in the old section of the hotel which is a historical building decorated to period. We were in the new part of the building so we had very typical "new hotel" type rooms. We had plenty of space and the kids really liked it. The only bad part was it seemed F.A.R away from everything which meant lots of walking. Not fun if you're Asher with short legs. (or Angela after a long day at the Y&A conference! LOL) We survived and got lots of exercise!

The very first person we ran into was Michelle Zoromski in the elevator. She has several cute kids, including Ruby and Lilya who both have DS. She also has an angel with DS in heaven. Ruby's twin sister Lydia also had DS. 

While we were checking into the hotel we ran into an long-time online friend, Marlene. Her daughter Aleena is adorable. It's been fun watching her grow up online. I've known them from Downsyn for about eight years now. Somehow I don't have a picture of us together.

A few minutes later another friend from Downsyn, Kathy approached me. "Leah? I know it's you!" Everyone recognizes the kids since we look at their pictures every single day. LOL (this picture was taken at the first dance.) Kathy's son Grady has DS.

Next up was my long-time friend Diane. I have known Di online for years, and we first met in person back at the Atlanta conference when Angela was 9 and her daughter Mary Ellen was just a baby. We met up later in the evening and her husband, who Angela has dubbed "Uncle John", won Angela's heart by buying her cheese cake. LOL Diane is the founder of the IDSC for Life

Just out of this picture is Asher who was falling asleep sitting up. It was time to get my kids to bed after a long day! Another post coming, I promise not to wait a week in between!

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