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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Dentist

Last week all three kids visited the dentist. Oh Joy.

Thankfully none of the kids have the dental phobia I have, instead developing only positive attitudes about sitting in that chair.

Axel, trying to talk around the hygienist's fingers.

Asher LOVES people to put stuff in his mouth! (no, really!) He was thrilled to have all this stuff going on. He loved this visit.

Angela just loves attention, period. She was in a different room than the boys, which means neither Dean nor I were with her. Just the way she likes it. There's a reason we call her Miss Independent! 

Next week Asher will have his four front teeth pulled. His bottom front permanent teeth are already all the way in but the roots of his baby teeth are completely intact. His upper front baby teeth also have intact roots and the adult teeth are just starting to come through. This is a very common problem among kids with DS. In fact I don't think Angela had 8 teeth pulled at the same age for the same reason. 

Oh, something that blows air; his second favorite thing!

Axel's teeth are very healthy. (all the bad ones were pulled when we brought him home 20 months ago.) He even has two new teeth coming in to fill in some of those gaps! 

Angela's teeth could stand a better cleaning. She didn't have any cavities but she did have a fair amount of tartar. We use an Oral B electric toothbrush, so all she has to do is get to the right spot. Apparently that isn't good enough. No more brushing on her own for awhile!

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