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Monday, August 27, 2012

Dakota County Fair

It's fair season here in Minnesota. A couple weeks ago the weather was perfect for an evening visit to the county fair! I took lots of videos but only a couple of pictures.

Then we hit the midway. Axel and Angela rode the kiddie roller coaster (the 'screaming' you hear is actually another ride right behind me that needed a belt replaced!)

When they got off I just knew Asher would love riding it. The vibration, the speed...all of it is right up his ally. Dean and I discussed. Should he or not? We opted for yes and I rode with him. I was right, he loved it. When we got off he tried to drag me back to the entrance.

Angela dragged Axel onto another ride. A little fast for him but I think he liked it. Angela? The faster the better for her!

When it was time to call it quits, we got one last treat of Dippin Dots. A new experience for Axel and Asher. Axel was a good big brother and made sure Asher got his share.

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