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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Guess what?

It's cabinet day! HOORAY!!!!!! It's a couple day process though, and then the granite guy will come make a template so he can go back to his shop and cut our granite. So while the last steps are finally going to happen, we're still days away from complete.

Our microwave  has been dying for months, and for months we've been holding off getting a new one. But when the microwave is the only think I had with which to cook for the kids, I've been getting a little frustrated with the buttons that only work intermittently. This has been especially true when I'm trying to make breakfast before the kids leave for school and I don't have unlimited time. Now that the cabinets are complete and we have the final measurements for the slot where the microwave will be going we were finally able to get a new one last night. It even has a "butter soften" button. Life is good.

Dean and I are both very anxious to put the house back together. The kids probably think cooking in the bathroom is our new normal. We started ripping everything out just three weeks after Asher arrived home so it'll be good for him to get this project over and done with!

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dottie said...

A "butter soften" button wow!!!!
Can't wait to see pictures of your finished kitchen. I'm sure Asher will be surprised to see the kitchen done.
I love your blogs and following your kids as they grow. You've done quite a good job.