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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

It's Time

When I first got Asher, I was told that he was schedule trained, but only wore diapers if he was taken out in the community. Otherwise during the day he was wearing underwear. Ummm I never once saw him out of a diaper when I visited the orphanage. Instead he was bundled in two disposable diapers - one on top of the other - just like all the other kids. Then there was the fact he had constant diarrhea.

Fast forward to us coming home. For two months I've been sitting him on the toilet several times per day. Sometimes I get lucky and he produces, but no matter how often we put him on the pot his diaper is always yet. Part of this is due to the urological problems he had, which we hoped were fixed during his surgery almost two weeks ago.

Which brings us to this week. We've noticed that his diaper has been dry much of the day, and a couple of days he's even woken up dry after his nap. (and he takes a very hard 2-3 hour nap!) Then we noticed that when he has to poop he is now hiding in his bedroom (and a couple of times took either my or Dean's hand and led us in there with him!) I had planned on tackling the whole potty training thing after the kitchen was done know...I don't really need more stress! But yesterday we were out running errands and we passed training pants on the shelf and I thought to myself, "What the heck, we'll give it a shot!"

Today is an "at home" day. No errands that need to be run, no therapies, no nothing. It's as good a day as any to ditch the diaper and see what happens. Between my own kids and former daycare kids I've potty trained lots of little people over the years, but of course every child is different and what worked for one may not work for another. Asher catches onto things very quickly, but will he catch onto this as well? I guess I'll soon find out!


Becca said...

Good luck today!!! I hope it goes well! And if not, well, then, there's always another time. :-)

abby said...

So I read this blog post

about 5 minutes before I read your post.

Not really sending you the link to offer any sage advice - cuz sorry, I've go nothin' - but I thought you'd appreciate the post and her blog is a fun read.