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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big sister update

Since several people have asked, I thought it high time I do an update on each of the kids. (at  least those living at home.)  First up is Angela!

Just in case you aren't one of the people Angela has told this to 20 times, she's going to be 16 in June. SIXTEEN! Do you know what comes just a couple years after that? Graduation, that's what! I hear about each of these things no less than 5 times per day.

We have discussed 17 different options for her birthday. It's a good thing she's not getting to decide because we'd NEVER make a decision! Her choice (not the choices I've given her, but choices she has come up with herself) include:

1) taking a limo to Chicago (that's a 7 hour drive darling!)
2) a bowling party like her friend Tanya had
3) a dance party complete with live band
4) a trip to Hawii
5) a trip to disney
6) auditioning for American idol (which, no surprise, involves travel.)

I guess it's pretty clear to see whatever it is we do is gonna be spendy if Angela is left in charge!

Angela just finished her floor hockey season, and the state Special Olympics basketball tournament is coming up this weekend. While she's excited to play basketball, she's more interested in the dance on Saturday evening. My girl does love her some dancing!

Angela and Axel continue to have a love/hate relationship as many siblings do. We often hear "stop looking at me" followed by "Axel, wanna come play school with me?" We drive a car, which means when the entire family goes somewhere, the three kids are in the know...touching one another. We all know touching siblings is bad, right? If your leg touches his leg that could start World War III. And yet that same brother who she's least patient with is the first one she seeks out when she gets home from school, and every day acts surprised when I remind her that she gets home before he does. They really do play well together, and she is adjusting quite well to not being the baby of the family.

Angela absolutely adores Asher! She is very much like an 8 year old developmentally, which puts her right smack in the middle of the "mothering" phase that girls go through. She is constantly helping (or trying to help) him do stuff. Yesterday she was determined to help him hang up his jacket, and yet would have nothing to do with hanging up her own. LOL When Asher had his surgery a few weeks ago Angela was quick to ask how he was doing. She was also disappointed that she didn't get to visit him in the hospital. Well, I think she was more disappointed that SHE wasn't in the hospital because she loves staying overnight there. Crazy kid.

All in all Angela has transitioned into the role of big sister very well. She has her moments of course, but that comes with the territory of turning 16, right?

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blcmec1 said...

The girl has great taste! I had similar ideas at her age and my mother said "start looking for a rich husband" - I never found him - lol. Hope she enjoys her sweet sixteen!