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Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Things Axel hasn't been able to do since February:

Climb the ladder on our awesome playset.

Slide down the slide on same playset....or any other playset for that matter.



Be a boy!

Things Axel hasn't been able to do since he his surgery three months ago:

All of the things listed above plus....

Take a bath.

Look down at his feet while upright, or see objects near his feet while walking.  (which means lots of tripping!)

Put his head on a pillow.

Get ALL of his hair washed. ( I can only get the very top of his head)

Learn about riding bikes.

Go to school.


Turn his head.

See his plate of food in front of him.

Wear one of his 5 baseball hats.

Wear a backpack (he LOVES backpacks!)

Wear normal clothes.

Scratch an itch between his waist and his head.

Get in/out of the car without help.

Get his shoes on. (well, he can get some of them on, but they have to be pretty easy!)

Wear flip-flops. (He had just been introduced to them before his surgery, but they're not safe for him to walk in with the halo on. He was fascinated by them!)

Go downstairs by himself.

Drink without a straw.

Pee standing up. (seriously! I spent 2 months teaching him how to do this, but he's not able to do it with the halo on. LOL)

Swing on a swing.


Play baseball.


Play with a water gun, or ANY OTHER water activity! (Well, last week I did have a moment of weakness and sprayed both him and Angela with the hose. It was just too much temptation!)

Crawl on the floor. (he can't pick his head up to see where he's going.)


Have I mentioned RUN yet???? This boy needs to RUN!!!!!!

His birthday is this weekend, oh how I can't wait to give him his gifts!!!!

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Tamara said...

Count is at 20 hours as I read this. 20 hours to freedom! Run!!! Play!!! Be free!! Can't wait for the first video!